Motor Vehicle Accident

The most important step following an accident, after speaking to your physician, is your treatment and getting your body back to normal as soon as possible. Our Physiotherapists will talk with you and assess your injuries, to layout a treatment plan for your best possible outcome.

Our staff is experienced in dealing with Motor Vehicle Accident patients and the paperwork it comes with. We will assist you as you wade through the paperwork and help you understand the steps that the insurance company is expecting you to follow.

Motor Vehicle Accidents are extremely stressful no matter how serious they are. Along with the stress of dealing with damage to the vehicle and your insurance company, the most stressful and serious damage can be to your health. There can be various injuries of both minor and major severity. In many cases what seems like a minor injury can turn into a more serious one down the road. It is always smart and highly recommended to discuss your accident with a medical doctor who will determine what your next steps should be.

Whether you have strains, sprains, or the symptoms of whiplash (such as neck pain, dizziness, and blurred vision) talk to us about an MVA rehabilitation program that will optimize your recovery from beginning to end.

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